365 Datacenters: The top 10 data center colocation operators in the US
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365 Datacenters: The top 10 data center colocation operators in the US

365 Datacenters is a US portfolio of 150,000 sq/ft of retail data center space across 7 states, making it already one of the top 10 data center colocation operators in the US.

Chirisa acquired it in April 2017 with 8 locations as a platform for further east coast data center consolidation and has already made its first bolt-on acquisition, acquiring a further 2 data centers in Florida in September 2017, and a second acquisition in New Jersey in September 2019.

About Chirisa Capital Management

Chirisa is a private investment firm which identifies and develops distinctive opportunities for its investors and companies. Our origins are in telecoms and technological entrepreneurship, and that entrepreneurial spirit remains at the heart of our investment approach. Our strategy is focused on acquisition of large-scale sub-optimized data center and office properties.

We have a unique competitive advantage in being able to maximize value from properties which involve a combination of office, industrial and data center development opportunities, while moving swiftly acting on our own account, with in-house expertise, and deploying our own capital. Our major recent transactions include