Chirisa Capital Management

Formed in 2011, Chirisa is a private investment firm that specializes in selected growth infrastructure and technology platforms. We invest as a principal, sharing the risk and the reward with our co-investors and our management teams.

We seek out situations in which our capital, partnerships, strategic and operational support will help create leading businesses and substantial value.

Our core focus is driving exceptional IRRs on all our investments and returning multiples on capital employed. Please see our portfolio list for examples of our current and divested portfolio.

We focus on growth and value creation through active support and resourcing of our companies, strategy development, and proactive scaling through M&A.


  • Dedicated in-house team with extensive investment, financing, M&A, legal and industry knowledge enabling us engage and execute discreetly and quickly.
  • Our senior advisory panel bring specialist sectoral knowledge and global reach in originating opportunities and directing our investments.

Track record

  • Proven experience of identifying and investing successfully in our target sectors.
  • We provide flexible capital and seek opportunities to drive value through transaction structuring, strategic direction, operational expertise, and industry knowledge.


  • We are entrepreneurial and nimble.
  • We bring financial, operational and strategic expertise and experience.
  • We focus on scale opportunities and special situations in Europe and USA.
  • We act quickly and responsively.