Meet The Team | Chirisa Capital Management
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Our Team

Our diverse team consists of industry and financial experts with deep experience across data centers, telecoms, cloud services, technology and software, real estate, financing and private equity investing.

We think and act globally with activities in Dublin, London, Seattle, New Mexico, Chicago, New York, Miami, Northern Virginia and Portland.

Investment Executives


Colm Piercy
Executive Chairman

Lee Hayes

Lee Hayes
Managing Director

Jean Charles Caillere

Jean-Charles Caillère
EVP Research

John Quinn

John Quinn
Investment Director

Steve Friedman

Steve Friedman
EVP Corporate Development


Marley Hughes
VP Investments


Alan Beirne
EVP Transactions

Chirisa Nick 0413

Nick Marshall
Investment Director (UK)

Chirisa Caroline 0500

Caroline Molloy
Senior Executive

Kevin Rohan

Kevin Rohan
Investment Analyst

Manuel Mache

Manuel Mache
Investment Analyst


Chris Mowery-Bell
Investment Partner